Saturday, January 31, 2009

Work In Progress

Over the next couple of days I'll be posting the book cover I'm working on, at this stage I have it all mapped in but the color scheme is way off. i know which areas I want to be cool and which I want warm but other than that it's a bit of a mess. The client wants the sky to be reds and yellows which I'll have to honor but I'm going to try to bring some cools into it. We'll see. I'll post it again tomorrow.


a r n e l said...

Stephen,I must admit I'm jealous.
It puts me of when I see how some peolple can draw portraits.
Great job!

Chad Wallace said...

I like the color balance you have going here, can't wait to see it finished.

Sandy said...

I am in awe of this..the colors, the pose, its' all so good!!

Sheila said...

Nice looking guy in a very manly stance. Colors are evolving nicely so far. What medium is this Stephen?

Stephen Gardner said...

All my paintings are gouache, it's all I've ever known.
this painting already looks so different, I have another stage to show before the final but even then a vast difference , I've had a change of heart about the background.

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