Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

It's a white out in New York. I'm lucky because I get to stay in and work all day although I walk my wife to the subway each morning so I get a feel of what I'm missing.
I've got two more pencil portraits that I'm working on today so you'll probably see one of them tomorrow, all going well. In the meantime here is another one of my commuter studies.


It's Just Me said...

Popping in via another blog. Lovely place you have here in blogatopia.

Larry said...

Hey Stephan, Lucky you. I was in NY today for a photo shoot and it was a worse case scenario day in New York... It snowed just enough to clog the storm drains before turning to rain and flooding every street corner.

Nice drawing BTW.


Stephen Gardner said...

Welcome, "It's Just Me" I'm so glad you found me a I wish you many happy returns.

Larry, sorry you got caught in that nonsense, let's try and do a Society lunch sometime.