Saturday, January 10, 2009

Subway Dudes

I went into Manhattan on Thursday evening to attend sketch night and was able to warn up a bit with some subway drawings of which this in one, actually it's a two for one. Happy Saturday good people of the world.


Anita Davies said...

Great stuff, that guy's hood looks sooooooo cosy!

Stephen Hall said...

I really laughed at this post - I can't help doing that sideways read thing on the underground in London. The things people read! - I'm six feet four hardly inconspicuous but love 'people watching' I'll get caught one day!!!

Sheila said...

I love how you are able to render such interesting expressions with a few strokes of the pen. You're right handed correct? I see alot of portraits with the subject facing right. I've always had a challenge with that. I've noticed leftys prefer to draw/paint people facing to the right. You're so talented.

Stephen Gardner said...

Anita-We've got snow at the moment, the hoods are out in force.

Stephen- I get caught all the time.

Sheila- yes I'm a righty. I'm going to give your comment some thought.