Friday, January 23, 2009

Portrait of a Lady

This is a drawing of a Columbia law professor. It was for an Alumni magazine, it's early and I can't think of anything else to say about it. I enjoyed the job though.


Anita Davies said...

It's a beautiful portrait

Sheila said...

Holey HB Batman! What the heck are you doing up at 3AM! Lovely tribute to the lovely lady. People should be so honored.

Megan said...

Really lovely work!!

I just found out about your work on Twitter:

I also do a drawing-a-day project:

(I have some of the same web artist friends you have as well.)

Stephen Hall said...

Fantastic portrait!!! I can't get my head around the way you can get those lines in just the right place. A bit like those bar sketches, when the picture is reduced to fit on the webpage it looks structured, everything well represented and then when you go click on it and look closer you can see the speed of the penwork! It's not just being able to sketch and paint brilliantly, it's hand eye coordination!!! I love it!

R.Dress said...

Hi Steven,

Great work on your blog and on your web site! First time visiting and I'm feeling like a pint right about now. It may interest you to know that the Players Club just a few blocks north from Pete's Tavern was the birth place of the Gibson, created by
Charles Dana Gibson.

Kate said...

Absolutely gorgeous work.

Kate said...

Oh, and I see you keep the same hours as I do! Night owl!

Larry said...

This drawing is so good I think you've earned a day off.


Anetka said...

beautiful portrait:)

I left you an award on my blog:) please pick it up and pass on:))

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks everybody for taking the time.
I've been a bit AWOL the last couple of days and it was nice to come back to so many kind words.

R. Dress- thanks for the Gibson note, I'll have to check out The players club.

Anetka- thanks for the award, I'll be stopping by to see what's doing. Thanks.

I'd like to thank you all personally but I'm cream crackered and have to lie down.

Thanks again.

Mekeel McBride said...

The first drawing really captures a sense of who this woman is and it's
beautiful in every respect. Redone drawing is beautiful, too, but seems to suggest that the client was having some difficulty with reality. . . Either way, it's win-win for you because your art is terrific!