Saturday, January 3, 2009


So at long last normal service has been resumed and I'm back to blogging "Bars and Nudes" as first pointed out by my sister in 2007. Long may it continue.


Anita Davies said...

Yes, long may it continue.
Happy New Year!

Lynne Chapman said...

Ah yes, looking back through, you do seem to spend a lot of time hanging out in bars! Fabulous drawings though. Like the technique.

Where did you live in the UK?

Sheila said...

Thanks for stopping by my rookie blog Stephen! I just picked up my jaw from the floor after viewing your website and now I've joined your many followers on your blog. I surmise the success to your sketches may be having a Beck's by your side so I'm off to the store to buy a case right now.

Stephen Gardner said...

Anita, I'm all about following my passions.

Lynne, I was all over the place as far as the UK goes. I was born in Wisbech, Cambs but lived in Cornwall and Devon, Maidstone, Gilligham, Portsmouth, as I say all over the place.

Sheila, thanks for stopping by and good luck with your blog, it's a lot of fun.

suzanne cabrera said...

Haha...maybe you should consider changing the name of your blog to "Bars and Nudes". I bet you'd get a lot of traffic that way :)