Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yesterday's Guy

I've been doing these bar sketches for years now and You run into the same people from time to time. These are two sketches I did of the chap from yesterdays post, they were done in a bar called JD's which no longer exists. I did a great many sketches of the regulars in JD's and they all and to find another watering hole when it closed. For this guy it was P.J Clarke's which is only two blocks from where JD's once stood.


Gillian said...

More great sketches. I can imagine you settling your bar tab with sketches, so they'd frame them and put them on the walls of the bar.

Stephen Gardner said...

I wish.

larry said...

@ Gillian, I can imagine this guy being accused of a crime and Steve being called to establish his alibi.

Munich Newman said...

The guy in the background of the top sketcth needs an alibi for sure, he looks pretty shady to me.
Nice sketches.

emikk said...

Are you as regular as that guy?

Pyracantha said...

What's the difference between a "chap" and a "bloke?"

Stephen Gardner said...

Larry, Now that would indeed be something, I'd love my sketch book to be citizen's exhibit "A".

Fraser, He still haunts me.

Emikk, I could only dream about that.

Pyra, A chap is you're white collar type whilst a bloke is more blue collar.

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