Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rainy Weekend

It's a rainy weekend in New York so I wasn't able to go out drawing as I'd hoped, this is what I looked like coming home from the bar last night. Actually it's another old book cover probably about 18 years ago or such.


Gillian said...

Hey! It's not raining here but I've had a day indoors nonetheless. And just made the perfect lasagne sauce - all thanks to you ;o) This has nothing to do with your drawing of course! It's very good btw - 18 yrs ago? Really!? You're that old?? ;o)

Sandy said...

That is such a great image.

Sheila said...

LOL.... It was probably a fan trying to get your autograph or have you draw them.

Munich Newman said...

I like it.
Your style has changed since then, don't you reckon?
There is so much of your stuff I never saw so it's great to have some rain in NYC.

Chad Wallace said...

Really like the balance between the warm colors and cool colors.

Stephen Gardner said...

Hey Gills, you can make it for me when you are over (lasagne that is). looking forward to it.

Sandy, those were the days.

Sheila, I wish.

Fraser, way more airbrush back then.

Chad, thanks it must have been a accident.