Friday, October 2, 2009

Killers Of Cimarron

This is it. I've heard nothing from the AD so I think we are good. Right now I'm working on the "B" version of the cover which was the one I preferred so maybe I'll do the step by step on that one too.


Munich Newman said...

Hey I like it.
Maybe the AD has had an heart attack?

Sheila said...

Wow....just the few additions of color and contrast has made this much more dramatic!

Stephen Gardner said...

Fraser, thanks man, as for the AD, all will be revealed.

Sheila, I'm working on a painting now that I much prefer, I'll be posting it soon.

Arti said...

Colors are brilliant in the final run! And it sure has gotten a lot better with all those details of face, hair etc.Good job!

Pyracantha said...

I wish I could visit that place, I love the sky. But if I appeared there, your gunman would shoot me.
What are the dimensions of the final work?
I really like this piece.

Chad Wallace said...

I think I have been there actually... Where did you get your reference?

Stephen Gardner said...

Arti, thanks, I'm curious to see what they will do with it. I'll have to post some of the painting with the covers to show how they hack them up these days.

Pyra, the finished painting is 14x19 inches.

Chad, that's the view from my window.