Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I drew this car yesterday and posted it on Urban Sketchers where the fine folks there were able to tell me it was a Karmen Ghia. I love to draw cars but don't know much about the makes or models but how could I resist this little beauty.


Munich Newman said...

Yes, A Volkswagen Karmen Ghia.
I believe someone named an opera after it.
Nice sketch dude.

Stephen Gardner said...

I'll be on the look out today for the Karmen Electra.

Sheila said...

I cannot...okay maybe I shouldn't jinx myself but I am very challenged when it comes to drawing cars so I am in awe of your Karmen Ghia.

Chad Wallace said...

You should go to car shows and draw there... I bet you could get quite a bit of business out of it!

Stephen Gardner said...

Sheila, have a g at drawing a car, thing of it as a sculpture.

Chad, I will for you will.