Saturday, October 17, 2009


Bill is a friend to the masses, he likes you, do you like him?


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Not sure if I like HIM...but I like your sketch!

Tim Goss said...


I continue to enjoy seeing your work. About this one: Did you draw Bill in pencil then ink over it? Or did you just draw with ink hoping for the best?


Sheila said...

Sure I like him but I can't figure out why he would like me.

Stephen Gardner said...

Char, thanks for stopping by.

Tim, I do a great many of these drawings for a magazine in England and the way I do it is, they send me a photograph that I print out and put on a light box then I do about 10 sketches really fast to give them a fluid feeling. I send them the best 3 and they choose from there. An illustrators trick for you.

Sheila, I think he loves you.

Munich Newman said...

Don't trust him

Stephen Gardner said...

You will.