Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The One That Got Away

This drawing was coming along quite well until she got off at Nevin St. Nevin St has always been unlucky for me.


Stephen Magsig said...

What a wonderful sketch, just beautiful. I have linked your site to mine.

Chad Wallace said...

Is she wearing a bikini?

Sheila said...

LOL... maybe she got uncomfortable with your line of sight.

Chad Wallace said...

I applaud your effort Steve.

Munich Newman said...

Last Wednesday here in Munich it was 27°, today it was 4°. It appears that in NYC it actually got hotter.
Veeery nice drawing.
What goes on at that stop? Go on, take us inside.

Munich Newman said...

Okay, just had a look upstairs on Google. I see no good reason to get off the Subway here unless they work at "Subway"- or they don't like being sketched.

Stephen Gardner said...

Stephen, thanks, I'm really enjoying your book.

Chad, maybe it was wishful thinking on my part.

Sheila, I was very comfortable.

Chad, I'm taking a bow.

Fraser, love that you took the time and your are quite right, nothing doing at Nevin St