Monday, May 4, 2009

Who's This Guy?

He's the guy who was on the subway on my return from the dog drawing session on the upper west side which was mostly rained out but I got to draw some great dogs and meet some fine folks before the weather beat us into submission.(That was a long sentence)
Woof!(that was a short one)


Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Sweet!(says it all)

Chad Wallace said...

Nice one Steve. Sorry about the deleted comment, I wanted to include the link to Martha Stewart's blog. I am featured on it today!

The Bedford Oak

Pat said...

Love your blog, your drawings, your paintings and your humor. Did I leave anything out? Thanks for my smile.

Stephen Gardner said...

Lynn- thanks, so glad you stopped by.

Chad- fantastic, great shot of you, you have to put that photo on your blog.

Pat- I'm blushing, thanks.