Thursday, May 14, 2009


This is cousin Gills all the way from bonnie Scotland, we are going drawing at the Society tonight so tomorrow there should be some nudes to be had.


Sheila said...

woohoo nudes! I don't know why I'm excited because you haven't had a male nude yet. But I guess the female form is beautiful.

Spider G said...

Very well done; I'm especially inpressed with how you can capture the play of shadows on the bridge of her nose and the sheen of her forehead. Am I right to assume that you do no smudging on your pictures; if so, then I think it's great that you can produce the same kind of effect without doing so. I wonder about the light patch on the left side of her hair; I'm not sure if you were going for a sheen, or if your strokes were just a little wide. The same can be said for the right side of the glasses. I may be wrong on both counts, though, and again, I like the drawing.

Pat said...

She is lovely; your line is so wonderfully expressive.

Stephen Gardner said...

Sheila- sorry no nude dudes last night but I'll keep you posted.

Spider- I not smudging at the moment certainly and there is a lot about this sketch that I would call unfinished but then you have to stop somewhere. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Pat- thanks for that, I'll pass it along to Gill's who thought I'd made her look tired (she was tired)