Tuesday, May 19, 2009

John @ Old Town Bar

This isn't finished but I lost my way with it, I've spent enough time in here that I can put the finishing touches to it and maybe post it again.
John is the daytime bartender at Old Town and a fine one at that.


emikk said...

Why can't this be determined to be "finished". I'm confused and disoriented I guess.

Stephen Gardner said...

This could be finished Emikk but i look at the newspaper in the foreground and think it could have a little more definition and also there was a couple behind the waitress that are not drawn in and I would want to indicate them a little more.

I'm thinking of these as being in a book and needed them to read a little more, at that point they go beyond being sketches and become illustrations.

Hope that helps clear up the confusion a little. Thanks for stopping by as always.

Michelle said...

I like seeing you unfinished work, as I can see the lines which are yet to be covered. Do you use red pen?...I was wondering why...I really like it. Sepia would be nice as well.

Great work...as always, I enjoy stopping by :)

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks for stopping by again Michelle. I use these Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens which are available everywhere. I use an F pen which is almost red, no color is written on the pen but is is No 188.

I start with this pen and then use darker and darker pens as I progress.

I usually begin with a pencil to lay in my perspective lines.

Treez said...

I'm back! Sorry for the absence. Computer wisnae workin and then Jas in his wisdom decided to change Internet Provider! But Now here I am. Really missed popping in every couple of days. Had a lot of catching up to do. Speak to you both soon. Tell Ang, go for August!