Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sun Reader

I'm back and I'm blogging from Woodstock at the moment, I'll be drawing something today but what we have here is a remnant from England. This "chap" was reading the sun on the train on my way up to London one morning, why the very nerve of him ogling page three whilst in the presence of minors (You might have to be English for that one). All being well you should get a Woodstock drawing tomorrow but then the "vibe" up here is so mellow I might just fall asleep.


Sheila said...

He should have the where with all to at least close his gapping mouth too.

splynch said...

It is great fun looking at your impressions of home. I think we were both there at the same time. I didn't have access to a scanner so will be posting mine over the next few weeks.

Stephen Gardner said...

He had a gaping mouth for sure, I'm hoping to get back to London again before the years out, it was such fun.