Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stair well

These stairs are right outside our appartment door. They are quite a drawing challenge because of all the angles. I'm sure to be drawing them again because the light at different times of day can be quite dramatic, I just have to be there to catch it.


Bek Evertz said...

I didn't know stairs could look that good! You and Angie have inspired me to take a crack at drawing. I'm sure that I'll have to practice alot but I'm going to try an easy linear drawing this weekend. Just seeing your work makes me want to draw! I'm going to try to sketch the houses in my neighborhood since I remember when I was a kid I used to draw any house that caught my eye. I also seem to remember drawing some cars so I think I need to pick the pencil back up. Thanks you two! For inspiring me to get back into it!

Chad said...

Another beauty Steve. I was up by you last weekend in Sullivan County. My lady friend and I were in Callicoon. Is that close to where your cabin is? You and Angie have to come visit mine before the summer is out.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Very interesting piece. I look forward to the different lighting situations. Again, way to go!
Sunday? Are you goin to Jeff's?

Stephen Gardner said...

Bek. I'm delighted that you would think abouy taking up drawing again. It's so theraputic and of course, free beyond pencil and paper. Let me know how you get on and good luck.

Chad, you were right by us if you were in Callicoon, sory we missed you.

Heidi. We'll be at Jeff's on Sunday so, look forward to seeing you there.

Angela said...

hi steve,
the colors in this remind me of Egon Scheles lady in the green dress, you know the one, they're lovely!

Nicole said...

Hey steve, the stairs look great! but they're not great for walking up and down! i remember being knackered by the time i got to the top! :( xXx