Thursday, August 2, 2007

Drawing 100

So they were still filming as I left work yesterday so i took advantage. My 100th post on sketch of the day, my first milestone. thanks for checking in. I'm looking forward to seeing what drawing no 200 looks like.


Gillian said...

Hey you - Happy Centenary! Great looseness with this one (just like Big Sur!). Looking forward to the next 100 too.

Bek Evertz said...

I can't say it enough. I love that new ink. I can't go a day without your pictures. Thanks so much and I promise to stick around for the next 100 and not blather in your ear with constant comments.

heidi said...

congratulations! 100 daily drawings, that's quite an accomplishment! Be proud!
How was the triple crown? hey to everyone.
See you on the 12?

Stephen Gardner said...

Thank you guys for marking this occasion with your comments. I will NEVER tire of hearing from you. I'm also looking forward to the next hundred starting tomorrow.
I'm so happy you all take the time to check in.

Heidi, the trple crown missed you, "hey where's the big tipper" they cried as one.