Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fruit Stand

I tend to cruise these food venders at lunch times in midtown as good drawing oppertuities. You start to see the same people at the same places ordering the same lunches. I'm predicatable myself as far as that goes. Another trend seems to be that there is never a line at anywhere selling fruit. Not a line you'd find me in either.


iainbrydon said...

Very nice my friend.

I'm interested to see the right hand page is a lot busier than the this deliberate (i.e. to cut down on clutter) or just down to what was happening at the time?

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Food carts and stands.. neat theme, lunch?
Hey it was great to see you and Angie on Sunday.
I have a tinge of missing the whole MA class. Do you?

Stephen Gardner said...

Iain...thanks for looking man. it's a a deliberate effort not to have the same degree of detail everywhere in order to give an equation to the drawing. it it was all busy the eye wouldn't know where to look. October bekons my friend.

Heidi....Sunday was when it really hit home for me that I can't expect to see everyone in the same place ever again. Chad's having his show at the Society soon so we must rally the troops. Great to see you too. Great book.

Anonymous said...

Stephen, I love this piece (as with all the others.) I feel like I'm right there.

I did get out today to draw a pic but haven't posted it yet. I was actually able to drag the hubby out and he drew his own. I'm still trying to convince him to let me post it on my blog.

Your site makes me want to draw and I can't wait for the weekend to get out there and sketch it up! Thank Mr. G.