Sunday, August 26, 2007

book Jacket Roughs

These are a couple of roughs for a book jacket I'm doing. They're the only sketches I managed to do this weekend. Feel free to choose one and I'll let you know what the art director thinks.


Nicole said...

Hey steve, i'm not sure which one i like best here, i like the first one cos it looks like there's more people at the party but i like the second one cause it's quite simplistic :) xXx

Bek Evertz said...

i agree with nicole... but if I had to choose probably A, hope all is well, love the sketches (as usual)

Stephen Gardner said...

A would be my choice but you never know with art directors. I'll let you know hopefuly today because they want a finnished painting by the 7th os Sept.
Thanks for looking in.