Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sad Dude

This dude needs a happy meal or maybe he just had one. I like it when I can draw loose like this, it doesn't seem to happen very often.


Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Everyone is at their best when they're loose. Unfortunately, I am tighter than a gnat's chuff. Good to see Rog checking in, that should get some banter going when Fraser comes back. And where's Sheila? Haven't heard from her for ages, and she thinks I'm handsome too.

larry said...

He's distraught that McDonald's is recalling his Shrek cup.

Moish said...

Nice drawing! I like the looseness, more for the variety. It is interesting to see multiple styles from the same artist.
this also made me wonder, how much of an underdrawing do you do for your ink contour portraits such as

travelingsuep said...

This is amazing Stephen.

I think he's had a happy meal and now regrets it, hence the face.