Friday, June 18, 2010


This young lady is routing for England today, I know because she told me on Tuesday night whilst I was drawing. She spent many years in Liverpool "Happy years?" says I. "Many years". says she. Come on England!


Munich Newman said...

Is this a footballer too Steve?
Lovely drawing, your nudies are really rather fantastic.

larry said...

Hey, that third goal for the US team was good this morning! Sorry, but I'll have to double my efforts in routing against England at 2:00

Shigune Matsui said...

Many girls would be offended at seeing nude pics like this, but not this one! I like this one! What kind of tools of the trade do you use?

Do you use actually pencils or sketching pencils? Just wondering :p

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

What a total and complete load of rubbish. Of course I don't mean the sketch, which is beautiful as usual, I mean England vs Algeria. I'm depressed. Bet Fraser doesn't care.

SKIZO said...



larry said...

Even though I said earlier that I would route against England. I was kidding, the commentators never really gave Algeria a chance going in. A team always wants to advance on it's own merit, never at the expense of another. My condolences on the England vs. Algeria. my remark was unsportsmanlike. No amount of bad calls or US misfortune is an excuse. Good luck vs. Slovenia

Stephen Gardner said...

All in good fun Larry. I'm going to be routing against England after that performance. What a miserable afternoon. It's always the same with England, they build us up and let us down. Bloody Hell.