Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is a pine apple, this is what pineapples look like. I wondered around with this thing for a couple of days contemplating a drawing and eventually came up with this one. I had grown quite attached to this pineapple and when I came across it slain on a cutting board I was a little taken aback. There it was, slaughtered in the name of a pinacolada. I don't like pinacoladas, I did, however like this pineapple.


Chad Wallace said...

That is the saddest story I've ever heard.

Larry said...

Interesting. Pineapple is the English word for the fruit, so named by the European explorers because of it's resemblance to the pine cone. The Spanish name for the fruit is pina as in pina colada. Your being English, I can understand the desire to preserve it's pine cone appearance. Being Spanish and a descendant of Conquistadors, I side with those in your party that chose to slaughtered the fruit on a hot summers day.

Nice drawing, as always!

Stephen Gardner said...

Chad, I'm still getting over it.

Larry, you are a wealth of information. I'll have to contemplate your words for a while, I'm sure they will help me overcome my grief.

Nicole said...

Oh no.... The poor pineapple!!! :(

Its like castaway all over again!!!

Stephen Gardner said...