Friday, August 21, 2009


And the rhyming titles continue (thanks Pyra). I think crude sums up the style of this one, once again fast and loose on the 5 into Manhattan. I'm hoping to catch a few more today before the weekend.


Bri Hermanson said...

Fast and loose and beautiful. This is a great one, Steve! You sure know how to just put it down.

Hope we get a chance to catch up soon. I want to hear all about your time upstate.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

I propose the next sketch should be entitled "Food." I'm back from Spain. I took my sketching stuff, guess how much I used it?

Larry said...

Don't think me rude, I don't mean to start a feud, but I don't think this is at all crude. In fact, I'm wooed.

Sheila said...

Love this sketch but I was wowed by the 'pine apple' too.

Art with Liz said...

My gosh, the whole nude, dude crude posts are awesome, and hey, I think the crude one is fantastic.

Stephen Gardner said...

Bri, I'm looking forward to hearing about Jockland.

Hans, My guess, you filled it.

Larry, you win!

Sheila, thanks I'm still missing that old fruit.

Liz, thanks, I'm on a roll with rhyming posts right now.