Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Game Boy

This is Sam playing Nintendo Ds, Star Wars. We were both up early this morning so it was a great start to the day.


Larry said...

What they're each thinking...

Stephen's thinks - I'll make good use of the morning hours and draw Sam.

Sam thinks - Today's the day I get to the next level on Super Mario.

Stephen thinks - Thankfully you don't move much playing game boy.

Sam thinks - Thankfully you don't make much racket drawing pictures, I'll need all my concentration to grab the gold coins.

Stephen thinks - What will I do when I get to his thumbs and he won't keep still?

Sam thinks - What will I do if I get to level 4 if I don't find the blue mushroom to unlock the canon?

Stephen thinks - If he gets to the next level I'll be able to finish the full figure.

Sam thinks - If I get to the next level I will rule the world.

Stephen thinks - I'm pretty happy with this drawing, is it time for a pint yet?

Sam thinks - GAME OVER! *#@*#

Arti said...

Very interesting, could have been my 10 year old!
i guess we have to take in Nintendo as well if we want to paint or draw kids these days!

Chad Wallace said...

Larry that is brilliant... You clearly know Steve.

Stephen Gardner said...

Larry- I agree with Chad that is brilliant and thanks for taking the time to share the insight. Right on the money as it happens.

Arti- These games are a must with the youngsters it seems.

Chad- Larry was channeling the both of us.