Thursday, August 27, 2009

Landmark Tavern

I had to revisit this place for the project, it had been out of sight out of mind but then the frequency with which I visit bars has much to do with proximity. This place has been going since 1868 and is located at 11th Ave and 46th st, which used to be the waterfront.


heidi Younger Illustration said...

Again, GREAT drawings! Now when are you going to publish them all as a group of NYC landmark pubs? I sense something really BIG !

Stephen Gardner said...

It's coming Heidi, it's coming.

emikk said...

Landmark Pub, Landmark Drawing!

Anita Davies said...

Project?...Is there to be a book by any chance? Oh I do hope so, please keep me informed I HAVE to own one.

Your work continues to amaze and excite me...such skill!

Stephen Gardner said...

Emikk, great to hear from you and thanks.

Anita, yes I'm working on a book right now "Drinking and Drawing, and Englishman's Guide to New York Bars".
The research is killing me.