Monday, August 17, 2009

Old Ford Tractor

We are back from Highland Lake but I managed to draw this fantastic 1951 ford 8 end tractor again and this time I met the owner Alan who keeps it in pristine condition and mows his lawn with it. I drew the same tractor last year which you can see by clicking HERE.
It's a beauty and I hope to have another crack at it soon with maybe a little more time on my hands.


Tim Goss said...

Wonderful rendering of the tractor. I am always impressed by your use of color especially to create shadows and depth.


Sandy said...

Wow this is GREAT. Love the deep colors.

Ed said...

I want to go back to Highland Lake

Stephen Gardner said...

Tim and Sandy, thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

Ed, sucks to be back.

Jeff A. Menges said...

Nice one Steve.

More time? Are you saying there is more to do? I think you nailed it, ...but it could be worth a full blown painting...

Still thirsty—


Stephen Gardner said...

hhey Feff, let's do something about that thirst. How are you fixed?

Cathy said...

Hi Steve,
Alan & I really enjoyed your painting of Alan's Tractor. I also looked at last year's painting and it is awesome !!!
I also looked at your other paintings and I love the one of your wife, It is amazing !
It was a pleasure meeting and talking to you, Hope to see you next year.
Thank you so much
Cathy & Alan
Highland Lake

Stephen Gardner said...

Cathy, it was a pleasure meeting you both and the next time we are up another drawing is in order. Wish we were still there.
Thanks again.

Cathy said...

Good Morning Steve,
It's also beautiful here in the winter time a lot of the people go ice fishing, ice skating & have parties with tents set up on the lake when frozen (which is frozen the majority of the winter), & there are contests that are alot of fun, It actually looks almost like a "Norman Rockwell".
Enjoy the rest of the summer, we certainly will look forward to your next painting.

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks again Cathy, we are hoping to be up again before too long and have spent a couple of winter weeks up at highland lake during the holiday season. It's always beautiful at Highland Lake. See you soon.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Where the hell was I when you posted this?