Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was in a waiting room this morning because I've noticed recently that my waiting skills have been a little off. This is a drawing of Ernesto who has no such problems, he can wait with the best of them. I can wait until I can compete against the likes of Ernesto which is part of my problem.


Sheila said...

Ernesto appears to be darn proud about his waiting skills too.

Stephen Gardner said...

He just signed a multi-million dollar contract subject to a medical the results of which he is waiting for right now, always the profesional.

Larry said...

I hope he passed his physical. It looks like he can loose a little weight.

Nice drawing Stephen.

emikk said...

"the first thing you learn is you always got to wait"-the velvet underground

pve design said...

sketching like this always helps me to slow down and feel life passing and trying to capture it all.

Stephen Gardner said...

Larry- Nice one, he clearly doesn't wait to eat.

Emikk- Love those hurry up and wait situations.

PVE- thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.