Monday, March 9, 2009

Old Town Bar

This was Friday late afternoon waiting for Angie to finish work. I was sat there with a pint not knowing if I had the energy to draw when John the bar tender said "what, no sketchbook today?" I was shamed into drawing and here is the result, Thanks John. It's getting to the point when I just can't sit and enjoy a quiet pint anymore.


emikk said...

Now that you are a US citizen I believe it's your duty to sketch while enjoying a pint.

Larry said...

Ever think about traveling incognito?

BTW...I was watching the food network last night and thought of you. Ever try A Salt & Battery on Greenwich Ave? Looks like a good place if you're longing for a taste of home.

Nice drawing BTW

Sheila said...

LOL.... Maybe it's also the free advertising he gets for the bar. I think it was how intuitive bartenders become working with people all the time. He sensed there was something going on to see you without a sketchpad in front of you.

Anita Davies said...

I'm so glad he forced you, I love seeing your bar sketches.

Stephen Gardner said...

Emikk- your right, why am I complaining, I'm doing the lords work.

Larry- I know it well, and it certainly is a taste from home.

Sheila- John is one of my favorite kind of bartenders the type that puts your drink in front of you before you ask for it.

Anita- thanks, I dare say I haven't done my last.