Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lil Dude

Sleeping under his Yankee hat in his push chair on the subway oblivious to the fact that when he grows up he'll not be able to afford a ticket to the new Yankee stadium. When I moved here in 1989 the HIGHEST price ticket at Yankee stadium was $12. I don't know what they will be going for now but I'm pretty sure $12 aint getting you in although it might get you a hot dog. The high price of mediocrity these days, boy I think I'd better go back to bed and not get up until I'm feeling a little more positive.


Sheila said...

You gave me an "aaaah" moment this morning Stephen. I like Stephen. It's more sophisticated.

emikk said...

Been lost in my own fog and didn't check in for a couple of day's. So belated congrats on being a US citizen! and yes...jury duty! I am on call for next week myself. You'll love it, you can do courtroom sketches!

Stephen Gardner said...

Sheila- thanks, I think I'll stick to Stephen then.

Emikk, thanks also, court room sketching is something I aspire to. I need a juicy case to get stuck into.