Sunday, March 15, 2009


This guy missed his stop. I've often speculated about the people I've drawn who were so asleep that they probably missed there stops but this one I got to witness first hand. When the announcer called out "Chambers St" he shot bolt upright then scrambled for the door cursing about 42st under his breath. Oh how we laughed.


emikk said...

Isn't 42nd street where all the hookers are? Which brings to mind a sketch series possibility: "the Hookers of 42nd Street."....You up for that Stephen?

Anita Davies said...

Oh bless him!

Stephen Gardner said...

Emikk- Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view, 42nd st has been completely Disneyfied, the hookers have moved on the pastures new. I will however give your proposal some thought. I'll take the East coast you take the rest, I can tell by your figure drawings that you're up to the challenge.

Anita- It really was a sight, he should have had a sticker on his rain coat letting us know when to wake him up.