Saturday, January 12, 2008

World Cup final 2006

To keep yesterdays theme going, here's my world Cup Final experience. We were in the Hop Devil in the East Village surrounded by French and Italians. That's Angie in the bottom left. I've been in New York for every World Cup since 1990 and it's always some version of the above. There might have been a couple of Americans in the bar but that's about it.


Chad Wallace said...

You're great at drawing crowds. The drawings are busy, but not confusing. I may be able to make it on Tuesday for a little while, but I'd have to leave before the end.

Chelle said...

The only disappointing thing about being in Venice for the '06 final was that there are so many tourists there that we were more excited than most of the people we knocked down running to St. Marks' square to celebrate!