Thursday, January 31, 2008

Russian Couple

One of those May December relationships, they were on their way to Brighten Beach because if your a Russian couple thats what you do. He would, ever now again squeeze her hand and smile at her and she would, well it wasn't quite a smile but her face would contort in a manner almost pleasing to the eye.


Suzanne said...

What character in the man's face, and the contrast of her smooth, unlined face.

I am enjoying checking these out every day, Stephen. You are so kind to share your gifts with the blogging world. :)

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Love it. Your commuting drawings are very inspirational. I wish I can get over my reluctance to draw people on trains.

Stephen Gardner said...

Suzanne, your comment made my day, thank you.

Heidi, covertly is the way to go, now I'm expecting to see something from you. LIRR is a happy hunting ground, I'm sure.