Monday, January 7, 2008

First Till of the Year

regular visitors to this site may know this is one of my favourite subjects. This is one of the tills at the Old Town Bar, I used my ruling pen again just to see where I was at. This is a great still life subject in a great bar with a great pint by my side.
I'm sure I'll be doing yet another drawing of this till very soon, next time in graphite. I guess this is one of my standards.


Susie said...

THIS is so beautiful!! Also, I'm loving your commentary more than ever. Funny, observant (of course, you ARE drawing people) and even a little mean. But GOOD mean. Rock on Steve,

Nicole said...

like the till steve :) how's new york? scotlands still snowing! :( getting the puppy soon :D xXx

Angela said...

So are you saying this is it unTill
the next one... I know it's a groaner