Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Freezing.

I had to draw the woman on the right, she wasn't taking any chances, the chap on the left was just a bonus.


Gillian said...

Freezing here in the UK too. These are very expressive. I don't know how you summon the courage to sketch strangers like that!

Sheila said...

Very nice duo... but I adore the "Yesterday's Dude". The cold straight handle bars are a great contrast to the Dude's warm and contoured face.

Rosy said...

Great sketches of the two together like that.

I am sorry to say but to me here in Southern California it feels like summer.

Stephen Gardner said...

Gillian, I always sketch sleepers or readers who remain oblivious to me. I 've been hearing about how cold it is in the UK, they keep calling off the football games.

Sheila, thanks as always and Happy New Year.

Rosy, we could use a bit of summer right now, thanks for stopping by.

Moish said...

Just looking at this sketch and "Yesterday's Dude" I hear "Stand clear for closing doors. DING DONG".
Thanks for sharing the wealth!

Janene said...

Your sketches of faces are very lovely. I keep going back to them.