Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Man On A Train

I just plucked the title for this one right out of thin air, sometimes I just don't know how I do it.


karen said...

Just want to say that I have still been checking in on you although I haven't been very chatty lately... Congratulations, all be it late, on becoming an American... tell me are you now officially a 'British American' because I have noted that most 'Americans' like to prefix their nationality with another, you know italian American, Irish American etc etc, why is this? I have my theory, but best not write it here!! Anyway I have just posted you the April issues of RD. Hope all you bought back from Mexico with you was great memories!!
Speak soon. Love as always Kx

Sheila said...

Man On A Train = MOAT = A Regal Trench = ART.... so yes it is quite clever.

emikk said...

At first I didn't think the title was that clever but after Sheila gleaned the subtle connections i realise it to be truly sublime.

Dusik said...

nice one. i am mostly embarrassed to draw people on the train. :^)

how do you overcome that?

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Between this guy, and the one from "Would you buy a used car from this guy" it looks like you're starting an "America's Most Wanted" sketch series:)

Ali Simon said...

You capture all the subtle features so well! Great job!. My drawings of folks on the train never turn out that way.

Stephen Gardner said...

Karen- great to hear from you, let's skype at the weekend.

Sheila- I had no idea I was that clever, thanks for pointing it out for me.

Emikk- I'm really very clever by default.

Dusik- I try keep a low profile but you should give it a go if you are a commuter.

EPTAS- That should be another series for me for sure, I'm on it.

Ali- I took me a while to find my way with these drawings, I never posted any from my first subway sketch book.