Friday, April 3, 2009

City Of Dawn

Tulum, which means the walled city was once called Tzama "city of dawn." the name referred to this ancient Maya cities stunning location: poised on a cliff facing east toward the Caribbean, and receiving the first rays of light at dawn. I didn't just copy that from a guide book, honest.


dominique eichi said...

Lovely sketch , I love your line the differences between them their varied thickness. Well done. Maybe you could a pic of your tools one day.

emikk said...

Stephen, you are amazing, you can sketch anywhere, anytime and it always looks good.

Larry said...

Well, the sketch is a one of a kind original, even if your words are not. Nicely done!

Anita Davies said...

I believe ya' but thousands wouldn't! ;)
What a wonderful place, thank you for sharing your trip with us.

Stephen Gardner said...

Dominique- I will definitely do that for you I use a ruling pen for these drawings and I'll take a photo of the things I carry and post them at some point. Thanks.

Emikk- thanks as always, I'll try to live up to that one.

Larry- I think we are off to the ruins you mentioned today, if so that will be tomorrow drawing, and thanks.

Anita-What can I say, maybe I was channeling Allan Whicker.