Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Emissions Certificate

I had to take our car for a new Emissions Certificate yesterday which is one of those things that always takes up more time than they should. "Come back in an hour" so what to do with that hour except park at the plaza across the street sit on the concrete and draw, so here is our car, it's a Daewoo. Apparently Daewoo make cars and toaster ovens and since we can't seem to get a decent slice of toast out of it, this must be a car.


Tommy Kane said...

brilliant work.

Nicole said...

hi steve's car :)

hope he can drive you better than the jeep we had in nerja!

nicole xxx

Suzanne said...

I'd wonder where you put the slices into that thing!

Your cityscapes bring me back to Long Island and traveling in the City frequently. Good memories. Thanks!

Susie said...

Great pictre, awesome commentary.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

awesome drawing... now the question, did the "car" pass inspection? And did the "toaster" fail?

Stephen Gardner said...

Tommy, thanks for stopping by, I'm really enjoying your drawings.

Cole, That made me laugh, I have such a specific memory of stalling the jeep with you sat in the back rolling your eyes. How's your driving coming you cheeky thing?

Suzanne, what part of long Island?

Suzie, we'll be seeing you soon, can't wait.

Heidi, car passed with flying colors but keeps burning my pumpernickel if you know what I mean.

Suzanne said...

Steven, I grew up in Merrick. I've been off LI since '88 and haven't even been there since '05.