Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bottle Opener

This is my favourite bottle opener, it used to be a bicycle but then these days it's not unusual to have to reinvent yourself in order to survive. I don't know what kind of bicycle it was but when it comes to opening bottles it never disappoints.


wagonized said...

Gosh, how accurate this is.
I own a bracelet made out of a bicycle chain -- a bit heavy to wear at times!
A very fine sketch, Stephen.

Chad Wallace said...

You can also use it to ward off intruders.

memi said...

Beautiful drawing, Stephen.
Of course, a bottle opener is tops on any survival list.

Christina´s sketchblog said...

Great work Stephen.
I saw that you´ve visited my blog and I´m glad you liked it. I found some really excellent work on your website. Always fun to get in contact with a colleage.
Good luck and I´ll check in on your blog as well.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Dude, your bottle opener sketch inspired me to sketch one of my own treasured possessions. I posted it on my blog:

I've only ever seen a cork screw like this once before, in the antiques department at Macy's in New York. It was $280.