Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back To The 4

Haven't been commuting much of late because of my work load at home (which is great because of the European Championships being on ESPN) but I went in yesterday and was able to snag another sleeper. I really enjoy the subway drawing because the time just slips by.


Heidi Younger Illustration said...

I can speak for everyone here, I too REALLY enjoy the subway series drawings. I was hoping your commute gets even longer... : )

Larry said...


Always love the train drawings... I hate to get busted drawing strangers...I must have drawn a thousand heads from the back, I know you don't let that deter you, but still it must be nice to get a sleeper.

PS...kinda new at this blogging thing. The links function on my blog never worked and I just tossed it out rather than confuse people, but yours will be the first when I figure it out.

wagonized said...

Just to think you did this live, on the moving train. *sigh*
Excellent strokes.

Stephen Gardner said...

Heidi, thanks for checking in, I'm enjoy your transit work too, keep posting them.

Larry, Subway sleepers are a stock in trade for me, I've been busted before by people who have caught me drawing them. Readers are good to but they really have to be engrossed.

France, thanks for the visit, I'm really glad you stopped by.