Saturday, June 28, 2008

Drawing Class

Last night I attended a drawing class at FIT hosted by Melanie Reim who is a fantastic artist and teacher. We drew from 6pm to 12am, a great way to welcome the weekend.


memi said...

Stephen, thanks for the nod!
This is a really nice drawing- great composition-
perfect likeness of Suzanne in the background there.
That was fun, wasn't it?
Too bad that your other drawings are too big to scan- there were some really nice ones.
Next time, an all-nighter!

See you soon,

Stephen Gardner said...

Last night was great but your comment on my subway drawings was priceless and has rid me of a bad habit.

Thanks again and yes, all-nighter

Chad Wallace said...

How dare you draw me without my permission! You guys think you're on safari. If I ever catch you drawing me again...

Good one Steve. That really does look like Suzanne, and you managed to make me look good, no easy task.

wagonized said...

Excellent observation of people. If i were Chad, i'd be pretty happy right now :-)

Stephen Gardner said...

Hey Chad I'm glad you like the drawing, next time you gotta lose your shirt.

France, thanks for taking a look.