Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I had to dig a bit for this one, I'm falling behind a little on the drawing thing as i pursue some other projects. I like this paper though, it seems to do half the work for you.


Vicki Holdwick said...

I really like your drawings and just realized that I don't check in often enough.

Thanks for sharing your art,


memi said...

Love this drawing- looks just like her!

Teri C said...

It is striking! What kind of paper is it?

jenny said...

Hi Steve, have got new iPhone, so I can now follow your daily sketches. Tony says you are collating a book, looking forward to it. Lots of love Jenny Lloyd x

Stephen Gardner said...

Vicki, thanks, I appreciate that you stop by at all.

Memi, thanks, it's from the drawing session with you.

Teri, nice to hear from you, the paper is Borden & Riley #840 kraft paper.

Jenny, so nice to hear from you, hope you and Tony are doing well. Brooklyn beckons, you should think about a trip. Please stay in touch.
My love to you both.