Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here is one I did finish although this is not the finished version. Apparently I didn't shoot the final version before I handed it over. This was done as a commission for my friend Amanda to give to her Husband, my friend Bob on the occasion of there 2ND wedding anniversary. It's the bar in which they met. Happy anniversary guys.


Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Lucky Bob, that Amanda is definitely a keeper.

Mel Doskotz said...

This is lovely as usual!
I hope you come visit FIT soon!

Munich Newman said...

Yeah, lucky Bob, I agree with Hans.
Steve, I'm off to Hastings for Alex's 18th Birthday on Friday, fancy a swift lunch?

Bob P said...

Agreed. I am very lucky. Steve captured the bar so perfectly, he might as well have been painting my memory of it. I was stunned when i saw it. We'll cherish it forever. Thank you Steve, my friend.

Jeff A. Menges said...

Stellar. Frickin Stellar. The haze in the twilight air. Wow. Nice one.
It's our 20th this year. I think you owe me ten of these.

Nice use of Red, Steve, might want to think about that..

Moish said...

is it going in the book?

Chad Wallace said...

Give up the gouache, these are great!

Stephen Gardner said...

Hans- She certainly is.

Mel- great to hear from you, I'm at class on Thursdays from 5-10, hope I'll see you soon, good luck with this semester.

Fraser- I wish I could, buy a pint for Alex from me but you might have to drink it yourself.

Bob- I delighted that you like it so much, let's grab a pint soon.

Jeff- Good thinking about the red business, still trying to push it though.

Moish- thanks man and maybe so.

Chad- that's what I'm going for.

Fay Akers said...

wow I don't know what to say but great job! I love all the details.

Anais said...

This (and the rest!) is fantastic,Stephen!
Love your style. Congratulations!

Stephen Gardner said...

Thank you both so much for stopping by, I hope to have some more to show soon.