Sunday, December 27, 2009


This is the house we are staying in for the holiday season. It's just too good to be true.


Stephen Hall said...

Love it! A merry Christmas to you and yours have a wonderful holiday and all the very best for the new Year. Your posts every day really inspire, part of my daily ritual to check on them. Keep well.

Michelle said...

Yes, it does look to good to be true...but enjoy every minute of it anyway...time goes by so fast!
Great drawing!

Happy New Year!

Gillian said...

How lovely that looks. Is there snow? Hope you had a great Christmas. x

Stephen Gardner said...

Stephen, thanks for your kind words and the very best to you and yours also. Every now and again I feel like quitting the daily post thing and it's comments like yours that keep me going.

Michelle, Happy New Year to you too, I expect you in New York soon.

Gillian, it's snowing right now. Hope you are enjoying the season.

Anonymous said...

I want to stay in this cabin! Thanks for posting. I had wanted to go to upstate New York for New Year's Eve but am not now, but at least I can live vicarously through you.


Stephen Gardner said...

It's a great cabin Jane, if you want I can send you the link.