Monday, December 28, 2009

From The Window

This sketch took two hours. I know this because whilst I was doing it I had Manchester United V Hull on the TV and we both finished at the same time. Does life get any better? The answer is yes because I failed to mention I had a bottle of Yuengling.


memi said...

Nice mini series, Stephen!
Happy New Year to you and Ang!

Chad Wallace said...

Now these are my kind of drawings!

Moish said...

As a real beginner I like that you give a time frame. Makes me appreciate the work more.
P.S. I check your blog frequently, especially enjoy the local scenery, myself also from Crown Heights.

Stephen Gardner said...

Memi, Thanks and a Happy New Year to you too. I know it will be.

Chad, I aways think of you when doing these kind of scenes.

Moish, thanks, more Crown Heights sketches to come.

Rock Kyndl said...

Your sketches are particularly inspiring. Beautiful work everywhere.

A. Krokus said...

Oh, Lordy, do I love this.
Here's hoping you're enjoying the holiday.
- Alex Krokus (A student of Ed Murr's who was present at your demonstration this past semester)

DanNan said...

Love this one. I've tried a few "From the Window" images too, but they were from a moving vehicle on an Iowa landscape after a blizzard. Mostly gray--but still it's home.

Thanks for the inspiration.