Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Killers Of Cimarron

Does that sound like a must read or what? These are some sketches for the second western in the series I'm working on, some of you may remember I blogged the last one. This is round one and I'll keep you posted and will post the painting in progress so that will all be great fun.


Munich Newman said...

They have to go for "B".
"A" looks gay- doesn't mean he ain't no killer. Though the title would surely be different.
"C" is obviously just a git and a macho.
Whereas "B" could demand a little empathy.
Mind you, depends on the story I guess.
Nice sketches. Dude.

Stephen Gardner said...

I have to say "B" is my choice too, I'll let you know of course.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

B, deffo. But his posture does seem to suggest he spends too much time on a horse! (Which in a Western is a good thing, of course.)

Unknown said...

Love your western images! Now I know why... [ see my post from a couple days ago...]

Stephen Gardner said...

Hans, it has to be "B", it's the only one I really want to paint which means it will probably be "D" the sketch I haven't done. Such is life.

Sheila, thanks for sending me to your posting, you were the really cute cowgirl.