Friday, September 12, 2008

Now We're Talking

It's one thing to show illustrations and drawings that have been laboured over but this is a sketch blog and was started to show my attempts at drawing from life. This sketch was done at Franklin Park on my way home from the city. It was done quickly with a ruling pen dipped in ink, no room for error here, each mark is as permanent as it is quick.
I'm off to LA this morning, so my next posting should include a palm tree.


SeƱor R said...

Hello, i visit your blog enough this days, and i want to say that i like vey much your sketchs and drawings. Specially the ones from bars, like the last one whith bottles :)

The last sketch you post was very good for me because it spontaneous but at same time elaborate :)

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks Senor r, it was great to hear from you, I hope you'll be back soon.