Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Murder Mystery

I guess in this book the murderer bludgeoned someone to death with a heavy book, dusted them off for finger prints and fancied a doughnut.


Treez said...

Ooh la la... the feather duster is amazing! Looks so real. Love it.

Andy said...

I really like this, not only is it very well painted it also brings to mind those excellent old Tom Adams covers he did for the Agatha Christie novels in the 70's in the UK.

Chad Wallace said...

Really great Steve, you're on fire!

ecccch said...

R-e-e-e-a-l-ly good

Teri C said...

Holy Smokes!! I had to look three times to see if it was a photo or a painting!
Stunning job on this! wowzer!

memi said...

How do you do that??!!

Susie said...

stunning is right! wow.

Stephen Gardner said...

This was a fun one.
Andy, I love those old Agathe Christie covers Tom Adams did, I have a book of them all. I was lucky enough to meet Tom on a couple of occasions.
Thanks for all your encouragement.
Memi, it's all smoke and mirrors.
Susie, thanks so much for the link.

Kerrie said...

Hello Stephen
I hope you don't mind. I discovered your site this afternoon, and I have used Murder Mystery for a challenge on my blog. I have linked back to your site.