Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bristens Revisited

So here we are a week later and I've updated the Bristens drawing and added in all of the suggestions. To see the first version click Here Nobody spotted the thing that bothered me so much but the things that were spotted were just as bad. My problem was that the Fire escape ladder from the 2nd floor to the 3rd had no hand rails and also the 2nd floor had no railings at all. Brad,Eccch and Jane(who contacted me via E-mail) noticed the missing ladder to the roof which I hadn't, Ira spotted the missing lantern and lights, Styria thought you should be able to see the side of the ventilation shaft but this was not the case because I was seeing it straight on.
Anyway I went back and took the sketch from one extream to the other and included all your suggestions along with whatever else I could see, so calling the Revisited sketch "A" and the original sketch "B" which do you prefer?

Also, My friend Chad (who suggested the bar was missing) just got the Stevan Dohanos Award at the Society of Illustrators. Nice one Chad


Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

A. But then I always was a sucker for detail.

ecccch said...

Maybe the question should have been: "what is the same between these two versions?"

Chad Wallace said...

You can still put a bar and/or a nude on the roof Steve... You have the power. Thanks for calling last night, and the plug on your blog. Hope you and Angie can make it on the 17th.

Ira Robbins said...

two nudes and a bar, congratulations to you Chad.

As always, a great drawing Steve.

Brad said...

I like the newer one.

I'm still waiting for a nude in a bar.

Stephen Gardner said...

"A" wins by 1 vote so far. 1-0

Thanks for checking back people, I think "A" is far better and have come to think that the first draw lacked a little concentration. It's one thing to keep it simple but yet another thing when you fail to observe the important details.

Thanks for playing.