Saturday, July 7, 2007

Iain @ Ventura Cafe

Ventura has a really charming old town with a great night life. We're on the Road again today, destination, the Big Sur. It might be the first place we don,t have internet access but that remains to be seen.


Chris Leavy said...

Iain............. never you. Check out your youngest sister please!!! At the Green Tree Tonight...... was f brill. Rugby Club and the Brig laugh in a long time

iainbrydon said...

Cheers are suggesting I look like Sandra or what!!? :-)

So you were down in Peebles for a beer or two...visiting your sister I guess?

We're currently staying in a cabin on the west coast looking out on the Pacific Ocean...very good :-)

Chris Leavy said...

No out... with Nicola's mum and dad.

Just give S a phone.

I hope you are taking plenty shots?
take care

SALLY-ANN said...

Iain & GB, looks like you are having a ball. You both look very relaxed in the pictures but where was the drink when you were lazing by the pool GB?! Had a great time at the wedding and many thanks for letting us trash I mean stay in your beautful flat (which is still beautiful). Love SA & Bx