Friday, July 6, 2007

Hotel Del Coronado

2 posts today. The Hotel Coronado was in Angies favourite movie "Some Like It Hot" so it was a must see. It did not dissapoint. If ever your in San Diego you should swing by for a pint in the bar featured in the previous post.


Bri Hermanson said...

i'm really loving this one, steve.

it's so fun to check in to this everyday. looking forward to grabbing a pint with you when you get back.

Stephen Gardner said...

Hi Bri. I'm really glad your checking in and ditto that pint for sure. It's been quite a challenge because I'm not holding any drawings over so if i don't draw I can't post. Having a great time though. See you soon

donna said...

hey steve, i think i'm enjoying you vacation as much as you are thanks to your sketches. the 'sketch a day' thing is such an inspiration AND inspiational!

memi said...

All right, Steve!
I can tell that you are rested, back on your game and giving us all the inspiration to get out there!

What a treasure you are creating.

I am getting inspired for my own trip, coming up on Monday.

FANTASTIC!!! thank you,

Henry Chimpman™ said...

Bri Stephen count me in on that pint I will be back in the states on The 16th

Stephen Gardner said...

Henry, your in and then some. Be cool Stay in school,

Susie said...

I was there! This sketch is fantastic.

Terry Banderas said...

Beautiful artwork. The Hotel Del is wonderful to draw. I did one on my blog. Check it out. Love your work.